Music Artists Can Depend On Loudmusic To Get Their Hit Singles On Spotify

Independent music artists can depend on LOUDmusic to get their hit singles to be heard worldwide. We aim to provide our new young artists with tons of opportunities to get their creative songs in front of new listeners and fans that will ultimately help build their fan base. If you are thinking about how to upload music on Spotify, we are here to assist you. Our team puts special considerations and ensures that your music quickly reaches your fan base as instantly as possible when you are about to release your soundtrack. And when your music is uploaded, it will shortly take some days for us to approve it, and then you can expect your songs to be chartered on Spotify.

If you are worried that you may not be eligible to broadcast your song through LOUDmusic, don’t worry. Any music artist is qualified to promote or distribute their music through our provided platform as long as you follow our guidelines and steps. Spotify’s music streaming platform is accessible to music lovers in more than 60 countries and territories. So, when you decide to put your songs on Spotify, you’re significantly increasing your fanbase and high potential to be discovered worldwide. LOUDmusic is here to help you in the process and can assist you in the payment procedure, but the main approval on Spotify is still there to consider. Usually, there is a two-month lag on popular music streaming sites and online stores earnings. So, if you are uploading your song to Spotify in January, you’ll most probably get your first payments in March.

Once your soundtrack is streaming live in Spotify, you can easily maintain your profile on Spotify for Artists. This platform will ultimately permit you to set up songs for your playlists, upload your recent photos on your Spotify profile, easily edit your bio, and much more.

Benefits Of Using Free Beats Online?

Are you stuck thinking about how to use free beats online? Or you have been looking to avail free beats for your soundtrack because you feel ready to show your music to your listeners. We have you covered; LOUDmusic provides a platform for all licensed music artists to use free beats and make an incredibly trendy soundtrack out of them.

Following are some benefits of using free beats online:

  • It can help you record your voice and make a piece of sample music to see if the song is good, then you can buy licensed beats without losing money investments.
  • Free beats can be used as an inspiration; you can write your song lyrics based on their beat and then decide if that is the tune that suits you. At times, it can happen that an artist writing with a beat two weeks before the final recording of the song can easily then change the instrumentals.

You can use these free beats as background music for your music videos on YouTube, as demo music, for albums, mixtapes, and commercial recording free of cost. In addition, you can easily upload your album that utilizes free beats on Soundcloud, Soundclick, Datpiff, and many other social media websites.