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Adding a Stripe

Each page in your site is assembled by stripes. You can add as many different stripes as you wish to fit the functionality and the design of your choice. 

To add a new stripe to a page:

  1. Select the best location for your new stripe between the existing ones and click the blue plus (+) button which appears as you hover:

    LOUDmusic Website Builder Website Builder Screenshot

  2. Now, you’ll see a variety of sections to choose from. These are sorted into galleries according to their function.
    From the left menu, select the type of stripe you’re looking for: 

  3. As you click on the section of your choice, on the right you’ll see different design templates. Use the arrow buttons to browse through them until you find the one you like. 

  4. After selecting a template, click the Add Section button – the green plus (+) to add the stripe to your page. 

  5. All done! Time to edit your new stripe.
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