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Adding an Icon Stripe

The icon stripe will allow you to add an icon/logo to your site. 

To add an icon stripe:

1. Click on the “+” sign and choose “icon”

Untitled 1 LOUDmusic

A default icon will appear. 

2. Left click on the icon and choose Replace Icon.

Untitled 1 LOUDmusic

The left menu will open

3. Choose to either upload your own icon or add one from our library.

Tip: The resolution of the image you will upload will be compressed in order to fit to icon size. Uploading a large image is not recommended.

Untitled 1 LOUDmusic

That’s it.

To change the icon’s style settings: 

1. Left click the icon stripe, and choose “style”. You will see the style control panel on the left-side corner of the editor.

Untitled 1 LOUDmusic

The Style control panel will allow you to change the icon’s alignment, size and outline color pattern.

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