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Fillable Shape

In LOUDmusic’s Merchandise Builder you can have shaped image placeholders that you can fill with your own images and the image will be “cropped” by the shape. 


Using the fillable shapes on your products

This is fairly simple:

  • Go to Tools > Pre-designed Templates and pick the product where you wish to add the shape(s);
  • LOUDmusic offers you two possibilities:
    • Upload your own
    • Choose a shape from a library of hundreds of pre-loaded shapes (see image below)shapes_button_in_the_pre-defined_templates.png
  • Once you have uploaded/chosen the shape, make sure that Use as fillable shape is checked;

Also, you can set the shape to be (6) Always on top (which means that all other elements in the design will stay behind the shape) and make it as a (7) Printable element (which means that you can decide whether the shape will be included in the print-ready files or not). 


How to create a Fillable Shape

The fillable shape can be:

  • a SVG file with only one path tag with only data (d) attribute
  • a PNG file with the shape on a transparent background
  • a PNG file with a black shape on white background

Download here a zip with sample files.

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