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Frequently Asked Questions

LOUDmusic is a Private Artist Community. We empower artists, musicians, producers, DJs and Labels with different tools for building a successful music career.

No, you are not locked into any subscription contract and you can cancel or upgrade at anytime you please.

Only 29.95 per month!

No, you keep 100% ownership of your music!

Publishing services are included for FREE with your LOUDmusic membership! We will make sure to collect all of your royalties worldwide and get you all of your royalties. No extra or hidden fees.

Taxes will not be withheld from your Royalty Payments.

Yes you may upgrade to the lifetime plan at any time. If interested just email us at support@loudmusic.io.

In order to best services the different LOUDmembers, we collect a 15% administration fee.

Nope! You keep all of the money you make from your merchandise.

Of course! We take security very seriously especially when handling your music and other assets. We have set up state of the art security to make sure we keep all of your data safe.

Should you choose to leave LOUDmusic you may do so at any time. Your account will be deactivated at the end of your current billing cycle.

Always feel free to email us at support@loudmusic.io or visit our help section to find answers to your questions.

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