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LOUDmusic makes web building easier with the use of a simple hierarchy.
Each website you’ll build has 4 levels:

  • At the very base there are Elements;
  • A number of elements create an Item;
  • Several Items together create a Stripe;
  • And several stripes combined build a Page;
  • The pages of course, is what your Website consists of.

Every level has its own menu and settings.  Take this stripe for example:


If you click any of the elements on the stripe, you will see several menu items that you can hover over to reveal a submenu.

Each submenu allows you to control one of the levels – element, item and the section (stripe) as a whole.

You can also make different stylistic changes to the site as a whole through the website style menu.

To reach it, hover over the settings button at the top of the editor page, and click site settings:

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