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Upload Tool

1. Tool intro

The Upload tool allows you to upload their images and files to the customizer to personalize your items.

2. Sources for images and files

You can:

  • Upload multiple images from local storage or mobile image gallery;
  • Import images from Instagram or Facebook;
  • Pick images from Premium Photos, a database of over 140 million high-quality images and artworks.

3. Supported formats

  • Standard formats: JPGPNG and SVG PRO TIP: if the file is in SVG format, you can change the colors of the artwork.

IMPORTANT: After the process to generate print-ready files, some PDF files may show some differences (transparency, saturation, missing elements, etc) from the original uploaded. We strongly suggest double-checking the original PDF file uploaded by the client before fulfilling the order since LOUDmusic provides you with original files along with processed print-ready files.

4. Image editing

4.1 Editing tools and filters

LOUDmusic provides you with an advanced image editor which empowers you with editing tools,  effects and filters.

In particular, they can use the following tools to edit an image:

  • Transform
  • Filters
  • Adjustments
  • Focus
  • Brush
  • Frames
  • Overlay

You can access those tools by clicking the “edit & filters” button when they upload the image:


4.2 Masks 

LOUDmusic provides you with a dedicated tool to create a gallery of masks that you can use with the images they upload.

4.3 Other effects

For those who sell engraved products, LOUDmusic offers a specific feature to automatically convert images and artworks (along with texts) to simulate engraving.

The tool is very flexible and can also be used by those who do not sell engraved products to apply automatic effects on images, such as:

  • Greyscale
  • Black and white
  • Black and transparent
  • Silhouette
  • Dark and light
  • Blend modes

5. Quality check

LOUDmusic automatically checks if the quality of the uploaded image is good enough for printing. The quality check calculation is based on the size of the entire print area. When the quality is not good, you will be informed by a warning message that suggests uploading a better quality image.

6. Further details

  • Uploaded images are stored in the image gallery for reuse. When you access the customizer from the same browser, they find the images they’ve previously uploaded in the Upload section.
  • Autofit: you can set an option to get the uploaded image automatically resized to fit the full print area.
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